Demand grows in N.W.T. for drone-led site surveys

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Drones are helping save time and money when it comes to surveying remote mining sites and other infrastructure in Canada’s North, and at least one business in the N.W.T. says demand for the technology is growing.

  • Nunavut drone company prepares to take flight

Canada’s second diamond mine, Diavik, put two drones to work about a year and a half ago for its latest expansion project.

Every two weeks, the drones fly high above the site, measuring the volume of piles of crushed rock — about three million tonnes’ worth — that’s being use to build a massive dike to access Diavik’s fourth kimberlite pipe.

  • Rio Tinto approves mining new diamond pipe at Diavik

The new technology means that a job that once took two surveyors several days to complete on foot can now be completed in about 45 minutes.