Device Overview

Sanav’s CT-58 GPS tracking device is a mid size device for a wide range of GPS tracking needs. A dedicated I/O harness, external battery option and multi-use storage port allows for a variety of solutions. Tracking a vehicle or large asset on the GeoTrack GPS tracking platform allows users to for a large variety of software customizations to fit user needs. Tracking reports can generate valuable and time saving data while also protecting business assets. Request information

Device Specs

Manufacturer: Sanav
Model: CT-58
Device Type: Software
I/O 0/0
Battery: Yes – Internal Battery or External
Communication Methods: GPRS, SMS, CDMA, Inmarsat

Device Features

  • The build-in vibration sensor will detect the movement of the CT-58.
  • When the movement occurs, the CT-58 will send out reports.
  • The external panic button (option) can be connected to CT-58.
  • When the panic button is pressed, CT-58 will send out SOS report.
  • Improved the GPS and GSM receptions.
  • Compact and rubust enclosure.

Device Applications