Device Overview

The Teltonika FM4200 GPS tracking device provides a high end GPS tracking solution for users that need more customization options. With 8 inputs & 4 outputs, the FM4200 allows for a variety of customizations with external sensors for gas, water & pressure, just to name a few. External antennas also deliver a higher quality signal for GPS tracking & GSM data connectivity. Request information

Device Specs

Manufacturer: Teltonika
Model: FM4200
Device Type: Vehicle Tracker
I/O 8/4
Battery: Yes – Internal Backup Battery
Communication methods: GPRS, SMS, GSM

Device Features

  • Large array of customizable I/O
  • Circular & rectangular geofence presets
  • CAN bus integration
  • External GPS & GSM antennas
  • Internal or external battery power

Device Applications