Device Overview

The Cal-Amp LMU-900 is a fantastic choice for GPS vehicle tracking. Four customizable input & output ports, a 700 mAh backup battery and a 3-way accelerometer are just a few of its extremely useful features. With the GeoTrack platform, users can take advantage of these features to track a vehicle’s location, the status of the engine, and even detect whether a door is closed or open. Request information

Device Specs

Manufacturer: Cal-Amp
Model: LMU-900
Device Type: Vehicle or Asset Tracker
I/O 3/3
Battery: Yes – Internal Battery
Communication methods: GPRS, SMS, GSM

Device Features

  • Accurate internal GPS/GSM antenna
  • Input harness for easy input
  • More programmable I/O for custom sensors then the LMU-700
  • Durable case for rough environments
  • PULS™ device programming
  • Backup battery

Device Applications