Device Overview

Enfora’s Spider MT-GI offers a great return on investment for users of the GeoTrack tracking platform. A built-in GPS/GSM antenna, acceleromether and I/O ports allow for users to customize how their GPS tracking units interact with the GeoTrack platform. Sensors can be used to monitor doors, hatches and windows for added security on an important vehicle. These features and many more are available for the Spider MT-GI. Request information

Device Specs

Manufacturer: Enfora
Model: Spider MT-GI
Device Type: Vehicle Tracker
I/O 2/2
Battery: No – Vehicle Power Source
Communication methods: GPRS, SMS, GSM

Device Features

  • Small form factor for easy installation
  • Highly sensitive internal antenna
  • Built-in accelerometer motion sensor
  • I/O ports for sensor integration
  • Cost-efficient device for return on investment

Device Applications