Device Overview

The XT-2200 from Xirgo is a compact tracker designed with dog tracking in mind. A durable sealed case allows for pet owners to strap the XT-2200 to a dog collar to ensure that the family pet does not become lost. The device can also be used on individuals and assets, especially because of the XT-2200′s battery efficient design. Request information

Device Specs

Manufacturer: Xirgo
Model: XT-2200
Device Type: Individual or Asset Tracker
I/O 0/0
Battery: Yes – Internal Backup Battery
Communication methods: GPRS, SMS, GSM

Device Features

  • Compact device for individual or asset tracking
  • Highly sensitive internal GPS/GSM antenna
  • Built-in accelerometer motion sensor
  • Battery efficient design for long battery life
  • Designed for dog tracking

Device Applications