Do you need a GPS tracker for your dog? Dog trackers can be used to do everything from locating lost pets to monitoring their health.

We live in the age of tracking. Americans of all shapes and sizes strap gadgets to their wrists to track activity levels, sleep patterns and moods. We use apps on our phones to track our locations (and that of our loved ones) and we set up gadgets in our homes to track security and energy use while we’re away. So it seems like a natural next step that we might want to add GPS to our pet’s collar. But do you really need a GPS tracker for your pet?

That all depends on what you hope to achieve. Pet GPS and activity tracker systems come in a wide variety of options and price ranges. Unlike microchips — which do not contain GPS systems and must be scanned by a microchip reader to provide any useful information — pet trackers can be used to pinpoint the location of a lost pet and/or keep track of his daily activity. They are typically found in tags that attach snugly to your pet’s collar.