GPS navigation in Syracuse snowplows track their every move

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As warm weather returns to the region, the last things on people’s minds are snowplows. The plows in the city of Syracuse received an upgrade this past winter that allows for more accountability.

GPS navigation tracking is now equipped on Syracuse’s plows and the commissioner of the Department of Public Works, Pete O’Connor, said they can now relay the information it gathers to residents.

“We get an awful lot of complaints from the people that say the plow hasn’t been here in two or three days,” O’Connor said. “If we have GPS, we know when it was there, we know the exact time and location, we know how fast they were going. As far as saying I haven’t seen a plow in two or three days. I had hundreds of those, that I was able to prove wrong. The other complaint that we get a lot is, they’re speeding, they’re going 50-60 m.p.h. in these big plows. Well, I know how fast they’re going.”