GPS Tracking Tree Service Fleets Use GPS Tracking Technology to Solve Common Problems

Tree service companies widely have adopted GPS tracking technology to make their fleet operations more efficient and productive. GPS tracking solutions also can improve customer satisfaction, eliminate unauthorized usage of company vehicles and equipment, reduce fuel costs, improve driver behavior and more.

If a tree service fleet works with an electric co-op to clear right of way utility lines, reacts to emergency storm response, clears brush or provides just about any other service, GPS tracking can help manage crews in the most effective way.

Improve Customer Satisfaction

Ensuring that customers are happy should be the focus of any business. Always knowing where vehicles are allows tree service fleets to improve how quickly they can respond to emergencies and provide accurate estimated times of arrival (ETAs) to customers. Knowing how long crews are at job sites helps expedite billing more efficiently. These are just a few ways tree service fleets can use GPS tracking to improve customer satisfaction.