Harris revolutionizes air traffic control system for FAA

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The nation’s air traffic control system is in the midst of a monumental transformation, and at the center of that effort is Melbourne-based Harris Corp.

“It’s a drastic jump in capability,” said Helmut Przychodny, a program manager in Harris’ Critical Networks Business Segment, which is developing five of the seven major components of the Next Generation Air Transportation System for the Federal Aviation Administration. “It would be like going from a big Motorola ‘brick’ cell phone to an iPhone 6. We’re at a cusp in what you would call a technological leap.”

Harris and aviation experts say the NextGen system will improve flight safety, increase airport efficiency, and create cleaner, quieter skies. For passengers, it is likely to lead to smoother flights and less waiting time in the plane getting ready to take off.

SOURCE: http://www.floridatoday.com/story/money/business/2016/07/06/harris-revolutionizes-air-traffic-control-system-faa/86447192/