How To Scrub GPS Data From Your Photos; Or, How To Be Smarter Than Vice

GPS Data
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You know, in case you’re trying to conceal your location (or a murder suspect’s).

John McAfee–anti-virus pioneer, “person of interest” in Belize murder investigation, and launcher of increasingly bizarre media stories–has been captured. It happened after journalists from Viceaccidentally published an iPhone photo of McAfee with embedded GPS data.

In case you didn’t know, a lot of newer devices store that kind of information, known as EXIF data, in images. EXIF data is helpful in providing details about a photograph’s provenance. Remember when that now-famous photo of the Situation Room during the Osama Bin Laden raid started making the rounds? EXIF data revealed the camera’s model and settings, plus the editing software used on the image. Cool stuff to know about one of the most iconic photographs of the decade.