Las Vegas Golf Course Tuscany Utilizes State of Art GPS Service

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Las Vegas, Nevada (December 24-25, 2012)–Tuscany Golf Club is a Ted Robinson-designed Las Vegas golf course and a player favorite. The course features typical Robinson player friendliness but also plenty of challenge and several beautiful water holes. And the course offers several guest amenities including state of the art GPS information from Digital Caddies. And in 2013 Digital Caddies is implementing a new wireless tablet service. Click now for the official Tuscany Golf Club website to reserve your Las Vegas golf tee times. –By Brian Hurlburt.

According to a recent press release, Digital Caddies is available at approximately 20,000 courses in the United States and 30,000 world wide. And the company is said to be first to market with the new tablet based GPS service. The new service will provide rich streaming content and real time distance information to the golfer while also providing valuable information and services to the golf course. Digital Caddies’ newest service will also incorporate the ability to communicate with others on the course, post to social media outlets, create dynamic leaderboards for scoring, call the beverage cart, interact with the golf course officials, and much more.