GPS tracking with no software to install

GeoTrack allows you to manage your assets with detailed precision, ensuring effective and efficient management of your assets no matter where the are in the world. We install and run it for you on our servers, and we can customize it to fit the needs of your clients, brand it to your identity, and integrate with the GPS devices that you sell. You can focus on taking care of your clients while we focus on taking care of you.

Asset Location in Real-Time

Follow Multiple Assets

Multi-User Access

Alerts, Notifications and Alarms

2-Way Messaging and Dispatch

Security Permissions


Trip History

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Sound good so far?

It gets better!

Driver Scorecards allow you to

Measure the impact of driver behavior on fuel economy

Set goals and demonstrate results

Help maintain driver interest and attention with ongoing monitoring

Reinforce green driving behaviors to implement significant and lasting change

Risk Management reports

Allow for a snapshot of fleet performance.

Quickly spot opportunities for improvement

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