Woman in Melbourne about to give birth prefers Uber over ambulance

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Despite the ban on ambulance ramping made by the Western Australian government beginning July 1, 2015, it seems Aussie trust on the reliability of ambulances across the country is declining. Proof of this is a pregnant Indonesian woman living in Melbourne who was in labour opted to call an Uber service rather than an ambulance.

News.com.au reports that Rati Sinuraya, who was giving birth for the first time in late June, experienced labour pains on early Tuesday morning. However, instead of calling an ambulance, Rati and partner Jip called an Uber service, which charged them $22 for the trip, to bring her to the hospital.

She explains that a vehicle using the ride-hailing service could be tracked, unlike an ambulance which leaves them in the dark about its estimated arrival time, reports 3AW. In contrast, the Uber car’s location and arrival time could be monitored online.

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